Pouilly-Fume Elle Liptique Domaine Petit et Fille



Variety : Sauvignon

Average age of vines : 10 years

Soils : flinty clay

Winemaking : pressing at harvest with a pneumatic press, settling in stainless vats and fermentation in an egg-shape vat. Matured between 10 to 12 months in the egg-shape vat.

Serving temperature : 10°C/12°C

This vintage is named after the shape of the aging vat. In fact, this wine is vinified in a vat that is shaped as an egg. Elliptic is a synonym of egg-shaped. And since it is vinified by a woman, the name is a play on the french words « Elle », which means « she », and « Elliptique » which means « egg-shaped ». ELLE’LIPTIQUE was born.

The egg-shape vat allows for winemaking on lees, and the vortex created by the form of the vat enables a permanent circulation of all elements. This vat therefore allows for winemaking on lees without human intervention.

The wines are richer, have more aromas and are more fruity.

They will pair particulary well with white meat in sauce (chicken in a cream and morel sauce), with a veal blanquette, and also with a pan-fried foie gras.