Our Family

Charles et Thérèse NOIZET, the parents of Jeanne Petit and maternal grand parents of Bernard PETIT, own a small farm where they raise livestock and also cultivate a few plots, including vines. 

In the 1950s, Louis PETIT becomes a winery worker at the « Château du Nozet » where he learns the art of winery. He leaves this job in 1969 to work with Jeanne, his spouse, on their own wine-growing business.

In 1973, the first bottles are produced by Louis PETIT. The business being along National Highway 7 is convenient for direct sales.



Bernard PETIT, son of Louis and Jeanne PETIT, also becomes a winemaker in 1981. In order to expand the business, Bernard buys vines, builds a new cellar and works with his spouse Yolande. The expansion has started.

In 2007, Aurélie, the daughter of Bernard and Yolande, obtains her degree in viticulture-œnology and, in 2009, forms a GAEC (a common farming group) with her father. Throughout the years, the domain grows, the vine areas expand and the bottle sales increase.

The year 2016 is a dark year. Spring frosts destroy the 2016 vintage. And in December, Bernard dies of cancer.

Today, Aurélie works with her partner Sébastien. The Petit et Fille Domain expands and new vintages are born. The vine area is now 13 hectares.

At the beginning of 2020, the Limited Liability Company Le Petit Marin is born and allows for the purchase of new appellations to expand the wine offering.  

It is a family story. Never forget your roots.